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How to Heal a Broken Heart

We asked a psychologist what her advice would be if someone with a severe broken heart would come to ask her for advice. Of course, every story is different, but there are some...

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Love quotes that will make you smile

A funny love quote that brings a smile to your lovers face is worth gold. We made a list of funny quotes you can use and send to your partner.  Please share these quotes and...

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How to be Romantic without being Cheesy

It's a thin line between Romance and being Cheesy. Romance is not about cards with hearts and cupids.  That may be fun, but that is not the core of romance.  A lot of girls and...

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13 Tips on How to be more Attractive

Attraction is a complex thing.  Different people are attracted to different things.  However, there are some general principles that seem to apply when it comes to...

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Adventurous Date Ideas

You feel the rush of being in love and want to add some extra adrenalin. Well, we got the ultimate list of adventurous dates for you with some extra tips on how you can spice...

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How to organize a Greek Date Night

We have a lot of fun organizing these thematic date nights at home.  When we have sushi, we make it a Japanese date night, or Italian date night with pizza.  That little effort...

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