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How to organize a Greek Date Night

We have a lot of fun organizing these thematic date nights at home.  When we have sushi, we make it a Japanese date night, or Italian date night with pizza.  That little effort...

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Can you Increase Love Hormones?

I have been into biohacking for over 7 years now.  If you never heard about biohacking, it's the movement that tries to optimize human performance.  Basically, they see the...

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How to take Selfies as a Couple

When you are travelling as a couple it's not always easy to get nice pictures of the two of you together. Sure you can ask someone to take a picture, but what do you do when...

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Romantic Weekend Getaway in the Smallest City of Belgium

Sometimes you just want to escape the busy life and enjoy nature just the two of you.  Durbuy is the smallest city in Belgium and oozes with charm.  In addition to the romantic...

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How to organize an Arabian Date Night?

Set the mood with Morrocan Candle Lanterns Lighting is your best ally in setting a romantic mood. Morrocan candle lanterns let you dream of warm Arabian nights.  They are...

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Couples Yoga: The complete beginners guide

What is Couples Yoga? Couples yoga is a form of yoga that is performed with 2 people. One person forms the base by laying on his/her back and supporting the other person in the...

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