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How do you create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom?

If you want to spice things up in your relationship, it's a great idea to make your environment more inviting.  The bedroom is such an important place because you spend the most...

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Should Couples get matching Tattoos?

Matching tattoos are incredibly romantic.  Deciding to both get your skin inked is maybe even more of a commitment than getting married.  Maybe a weird comparison, but it may...

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How to Heal a Broken Heart

We asked a psychologist what her advice would be if someone with a severe broken heart would come to ask her for advice. Of course, every story is different, but there are some...

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How to be Romantic without being Cheesy

It's a thin line between Romance and being Cheesy. Romance is not about cards with hearts and cupids.  That may be fun, but that is not the core of romance.  A lot of girls and...

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13 Tips on How to be more Attractive

Attraction is a complex thing.  Different people are attracted to different things.  However, there are some general principles that seem to apply when it comes to...

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Can you Increase Love Hormones?

I have been into biohacking for over 7 years now.  If you never heard about biohacking, it's the movement that tries to optimize human performance.  Basically, they see the...

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